Friday, 31 May 2013

How to Spend that Lone Night Out in Goa?

Okay, questions first! What in the God’s name are you doing in the most exciting tourist destination in India, all alone by yourself? You may say you are on the proverbial business trip, but hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your share of fun! So what do you do if you are out on your own and have loads of time to kill? What do you do if it’s  your last night in town and you are all raring to go paint it red? Simple. Read and act upon. 


1    1-      If would prefer a rather sedate last night, refer to GoaTrip’s endorsed Things to Do in Goa.
2    2-      Remember, at no point in the night, can you afford to pass out. If you’re buzzed, that’s good enough!

DISCLAIMER:  Traveling with a mammoth hangover the next day is a bullet you’d have to bite!
Nightlife in Goa
2100 hours: Okay, so packing’s done, your tickets and documents are in order, you just had a long shower and it’s been an hour since you’ve been toying with the idea of going out to the beach for a walk. Stop it already and go out. You don’t visit Goa everyday. Make the most of it while you’re here.

2130 hours: First stop, the local pub. If you’re in North Goa, it is Tito’s at the Baga beach; down South, it’s the Jazz Inn. Start with a couple of tequila shots to go beer – just make sure you’re not doing it on an empty stomach. Now that you’re buzzed enough, move out. Remember, you cannot pass out, you’re alone. 

0000 hours: Okay, this is when you’re at your energetic best. The alcohol’s kicking in and adrenaline is pumping. The  party has just begun to heat up. Why not try some luck. The Casino Palms at La Calypso is not too far and if you’re carrying some big dollars on you, roll a few die at this or any other popular casino in Goa. A detour we can suggest is a short visit to the Saturday Night Bazaar, provided it’s a, well, Saturday and you have a thing for shopping. This alone should take at least 2-3 hours.

0300 hours: Wrap up the night strolling along the calm beachside of the Calangute, Baga, Anjuna or wherever you are. Saunter on the shore as you welcome the sun, half baked!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Monumental Legacy - Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Goa

The 16th century church, Church OF Our Lady of the Rosary serves as the Monumental Legacy of Goa. This oldest church was built under the supervision of Afonso de Alberquerque, who witnessed the Portuguese conquest in the year 1510. Today, this church serves as a great source of attraction for the tourists flocking Goa from India as well as abroad. The goan population believes in the fact that St Francis comes for preaching the Bible, every evening, at this chapel. This church has gone under several restoration but post-liberation (1961), such an extensive exercise is soon going to be taken for the first time.
Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Goa

Coming to the architecture of this church, it is completely influenced by the Manueline style. In this style, you may find the blend of Renaissance and late Gothic style of architecture. Initially, laterite blocks were used in the construction and later, lime mortar was used for plastering. Among the three altars in this church, the main altar is devoted to Lady Rosary. With inspiration from other religions, the interiors of the church are beautifully decorated and wooden planks are used for making of the roof. The church also has a two-storeyed portico. The portico and the fa├žade of the church have rounded towers on both the sides with the cross on top. As the restoration is mandated every 50-60 years, the wooden altars and gold-plated antiquities are soon to be renovated. The church also has a cenotaph that marks the marriage of Viceroy Garcia De Sa with Dona Catarina, performed by St. Francis Xavier. This slightly projected cenotaph is beautifully decorated with inscription in Portuguese language. Some elements of the church also resembles to the regional art like motifs on vases represent the Gujarati style of art.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary is widely visited by tourists in comparison to numerous other Churches of Goa. This church nestles near the Basilica of Dom Jesus. Reaching the uphill from the Basilica, you may get the view of the church. It is to the western side of the Holy Hill of Old Goa. From Panaji, you can easily reach the church in 20 minutes by bus or taxi. You may also find GoaTravel Guide to fetch you to the exact location. These guides are well-versed with the location and facts about the church. Try to draw maximum facts you may, from the guide.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

When in Goa, Holiday Like There's No Tomorrow!

There is something about Goa that keeps on attracting you more and more. There is a sense of cheerfulness and excitement in the air. The travelers can enjoy every aspect of the Goans whether it is eating, dancing, singing and drinking. The carnival and Christmas celebration in Goa has its own fascination and aura. There seem to be parties happening throughout the year as Goa has many rocking cafes and night clubs. Some of these pubs organizes many night parties on the beaches of Goa having international and national dance numbers. Here are few magical things about Goa-
Tour to Goa
Goa Tour

Hit the place at peak time

The peak season in Goa is between November to February  This perfect time will indulge you completely in new year parties, music festivals and parades. The art lovers can get to see many art house films showcasing the best films from all over the world. These all the films are shown in the event of International Film festival of India that is perhaps the largest film festival of India. The travelers can also get the glimpse of Tiatr festival which is celebrated at Kala Academy at Panaji.

Soak in the sun

The most lovely thing about Goa is its sun kissed beaches. The clean natural water, fresh air and live shells make Goa one of the most visited destinations in India. The beaches are ideal for those who are looking for peace and quite surroundings. Anjuna Beach is famous for its flea market that makes it a hot favorite among the tourist. Arambol beach, Baga beach, Colva beach and Morjim beach are some of the most sought after beaches in Goa.

Delicious options in Goa

The cuisine of Goa is a perfect blend of Indian, Arabian and Portuguese flavors. The curries, fries, salads and soups are exclusively prepared from lobsters, jumbo pomp and lobsters that is known for its taste across the world. Coconut, rice and fish are the main constituents of Goan food.

Charm of Goa in Monsoons

To escape from the hectic city life, hit Goa in monsoons. The wet and rainy Goa offers a beautiful and serene environment. The travelers can enjoy the best time by venturing in the  spice plantations and wildlife sanctuaries. Goa is the perfect romantic place in the monsoon season owing to beautiful its cool climate along with the aromatic fragrance of nature.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Enthralling and Fun-filled Summer Vacation to Goa

The charming land of Goa is an ideal destination for many tourists especially in the summer season. The city is a perfect blend of quaint and modern lifestyle. The exotic Goa summer packages will give you enthralling experience of its sensuous beaches, gothic churches, dense forests, rocking nightlife and amazing spice gardens. All the beaches are a perfect place for spending a romantic time with your loved one. Goa offers some crazy water sports activities like speed boat rides, banana rides, scuba diving, surfing and a lot more ( 
 Goa Tour Packages
An exciting bike ride will make your holiday all the more adventurous with which you can explore some of the best places in Goa. Yet another attractive feature of Goa is its churches which are famous for their exquisite Portuguese architecture. Some of the renowned churches include the Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Chapel of St. Francis Xavier. 

The city has a large number of pubs and discos for the party freaks where you can dance on the latest dance numbers. To set your pulse high, a large number of nightclubs organize live music entertainment programs. Mango Tree, Turtle Lounge, Club Cubana are some of the known night clubs and pubs of Goa. 

Shopping is the last option that will make your summer holiday complete. There are lots of fascinating shopping options in the traditional markets of Goa. The city is famous all over the world for its jute products, handicrafts, bamboo products and coconut products. The top markets to explore are Anjuna market, Mapusa market, Calangute market square and the flea market at Baga Beach. 

However, Goa mouth watering seafood will remain on top of the list which is served at some of the best local beach side cafes and bars. The city is famous for its curries, soups, fries and salads that are exclusively prepared from the different varieties of lobsters, jumbo pomphrets and crabs. The three main ingredients of the Goan cuisine are fish, coconut and rice.  You can also taste the special alcoholic drink of Goa known as ‘Fenny’ that will indeed make your holiday complete. 

All in all Goa is a one stop destination if you are planning your summer vacation ( .