Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Best Places to Visit in Goa this Winter

Out of everything you have possibly fantasized till date, it is probable that you could grab a hundred times better things here: in Goa. I didn’t want to drag the topic right to its beaches, but its magnetic pull got me to do it. Now that we are talking about Goa’s Beaches, they are more of a canvas of your own. You can paint any of your masterpieces here and dig into your heart and memories forever. You may sit in the secluded seashore or attend exuberant parties in the shacks, or opt for a romantic candle light dinner (Though the enticing breeze would blow off the candle, but it’s okay! you can go for a modern version. Perhaps “Smartphone Torch Light Dinner”) 

While the beats of EDM move the state, there are chants that soothe it as well. Goa is not only home to best clubs and casinos; it has got some really enlightening holy sites. And yes! Its past has given birth to amazing monuments which today hold national importance. And with the intense amount of foreign tourists, we can say “International importance”.

·         Beaches 
miramar beach goa india

There is no second thought needed. If we are talking about the best beaches of India, we surely have Goa in top considerations. Notorious tidal waves firmly hit the beige sand here, and the beaches are constantly charged up with tourist activities. And in some beaches, there are no activities at all; just some travelers laying down, sunbathing and reading novels, or having beer. If Goa was a person, he would say, “You want to shout and party? Come and get it. You want peace? Come and get it too.”

You cannot point out at any beach of Goa and claim “That’s not nice”. It is likely that you prefer one beach over other. So, Goa’s most preferred or popular beaches are Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, Mandrem, Vegator and Calangute.  

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·         Religious Sites 
famous churches in old goa

Don’t get mistaken that Goa’s asset is just its beaches, it is not like that. Goa has some of the most revered religious places of India as well; and Churches being the most notable of all. The state has second largest Christian community of India; most of them are Catholic Christians. Even the invasion of the Portuguese led to a major influence and charm. Some of the most venerated shrines are Se Cathedral, Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Shantadurga Temple and Mangeshi Temple.

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·         Monuments
forts in goa

Monuments of Goa exemplify dedication and perfection of architecture, and narrate the stories of a legendary past. These monuments are scattered all over the state and add charm to the heritage. Fort Aguada and Chapora Fort are well-known for the awe-inspiring view. Basilica De Bom Jesus, Church of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Augustine’s Tower are the religious monuments of Goa.

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·         Carnivals
festivals in goa

And where a thousand colors fall into one place and get blended with glitter and laughter, it’s in Goa Carnivals. This state is always brimming with festive spirits and the carnivals only increase it to a greater level. There are different festivals to celebrate the existence of heritage, spiritualism and youth. Goa Carnaval, Suburn Festival and Bonderam Festival are the most influential celebrations of the state.

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·         Markets
shopping in goa

When you hop into Goa’s market, you will get puzzled. Puzzled, not because of the dearth but rather the vastness of the variety for what you are looking for. Right from local flea markets to international brands, you can never feel any shortage. Also, the local signature charms of Goa, like the bamboo hat, almonds, beach t-shirts and everything else would make you totally ignore the pain in your legs that you get from walking miles. 

Some of the best markets of Goa are Calangute Bazaar, The Saturday Night Market, Wednesday Flea Market (Anjuna) and Friday Mapusa Market.

·         Casino and Clubs
casino & clubs in goa

It is actually pitiful if you are coming back home with nil experience of the discotheques or casinos of Goa. If you are a party animal, it is hundred times sadder. Even if you are on a short trip here, make sure you are not missing out LPK, Cabbana, Casino Pride, Tito’s Deltin Royale and Mambos.
·         Wildlife Sanctuary
wildlife sanctuary in goa

Pacing up with the upscale facilities, Goa has embraced nature like an efficient part of itself. This makes up for a cherishing Jungle safari and bird-watching activities for you. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Cotilago Wildlife Sanctuary are the best places to explore if you are a wildlife enthusiast or adore beautiful birds.

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·         Dudhsagar Waterfall 
waterfall in goa

Dudhsagar is derived from milk (Dudh) and water stream (Sagar). This milky waterfall has four streams dribbling down to Mandovi River. This is amongst the tallest waterfalls in India, falling from the height of 310 meters. Dudhsagar Fall is located in Madgao-Belgaum rail route, in Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary.
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Baga Beach: The Most Favorite in North Goa

Nestled in the rocky wooded headland, Baga Beach is an endearing abode of scenic beauty and a paradise for nature lovers. If you are looking to enjoy a lie-down on a hut, Baga Beach is an ideal choice for you. When it comes to most touristy beach in North Goa, Baga Beach is definitely sky-high on the popularity chart. From beach shacks to food to adventure games, all kinds of facilities are available at your disposal.

Crowd is really lively at this place, and if you are in a mood to laugh & party, then Baga has got no rival. Water sports are the perfect attractions of this beach, which drive the tourists to experience its wonders. The major attractions at Baga Beach include wake boarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, Jet Skiing and Para-sailing. 

baga beach goa


·         Sun Village at Sankvaddi
The Sun Village at Sankvaddi, where a stream of the river flows towards Anjuna, practically outshines the bottle green hill which separates Baga from Anjuna. 

·         Chapel of St. Annie
The Church of St. Annie is considered as the master-piece of Indian Baroque style. It is sad to know that this marvelous church is in a crumbling state at present. The festivity at St. Annie, which falls on 26th July, is celebrated all throughout Goa. It is a recorded fact that although the Portuguese introduced their Christian festivals to Goa, however, Goan modified these festivals to befit their seasons without changing the dates.
          Chor Biam
There is a large black rock, known as the Chor Biam, positioned at the foot of the hilltop. It is believed that treasures of wreckage are hidden here, along with anchors, bells and cannons etc. 

·        The Coffin Bridge
Built after the visits of international tourists, The Coffin Bridge is a bizarre box which locals used for crossing to visit to Calangute Beach, a neighboring beach. 


Water sports are a huge attraction. Here you can go Para sailing, wind surfing, kite surfing, wake boarding and jet skiing. Dolphin spotting trips and island trips are on offer. However, many people just want to laze around on the sun lounges in front of the beach shacks all day and feast upon steady supply of beer, cocktails and food.
·         Anjuna Flea Market 
The Anjuna Flea Market attracts too many people from all North Goa on every Wednesday. If you’re going on a 2-wheeler, you are required to pay a few rupees for parking. Inside the market, you’ll find all the shops that are on the street. 

·         Saturday Night Market
The Saturday Night Market at Arpora is a must visit attraction for sightseeing which every tourist should visit while travelling in Goa. On Saturday evenings, the entertainment spots are usually empty as tourists flock to the market. 

Both these markets are located nearby, and will satisfy even the best of shopaholics.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Information about Car and Bike Rentals in Goa

If you are visiting Goa, you will look to rent cars and bikes for intra- and inter-city travel. This blog is the definitive guide to Car and Bike Rentals in Goa.

A major highlight of every Goa holiday is cruising on a two-wheeler and feeling the cool coastal breeze running through your hair. Or if you have an inclination for four wheelers, maybe a longish, calm drive along Goa’s coastline will do the trick. For this you must have adequate knowledge of car and bike rentals in Goa. Let us first look at your options:

Bike Rentals in Goa

bike rentals in goa

Bikes are the best way of local communication in Goa. But when you’re in Goa, there is no need to bring your own bikes. As locals have that facility and this is quite very common in Goa. Goa has the facility for hiring bikes at various rates, on the basis of power and model numbers. You can hire a bike model, ranging from Enfield to gear free kinetic scooters. The price ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 per day, according to the power, speed, season and capacity. 

Apart from bikes, bicycles are also a wonderful way of local transportation. Those who are not comfortable with bikes can easily opt for less complicated ones. It serves both ways, as a transport and a workout device. Helmets are mandatory for bike riders. 

Documents Needed for Foreign Nationals in Goa 

There is no need for an internationally permit driving license, but it’s wise to bring one. The first thing a policeman would want to see if he stops you is your license. However, an international permit is unquestionable. Permits are available from your home automobile association. If you are leaving the state, you are not required to produce any original documents for the vehicle you’re driving. 

Other than the high season, you might avail a scooter for as low as Rs. 100 per day. If you get an old kinetic down to Rs. 130 or so, you’re doing very well. You are expected to pay Rs. 600 for an Enfield and Rs. 400 for a 1000cc bike.