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Not-So-Popular Attractions of Goa To Make Your Trip Unexpectedly Interesting

Goa, the land of beaches, is filled with visitors from all across the globe at any day of the year. Goa is simply a wonderful place to visit and spend a leisure vacation with family and friends, or to enjoy a memorable honeymoon with your partner. Apart from various busy attractions of Goa, there also are various not-so-popular attractions in Goa that are not only beautiful and unique but also worth visiting to add the element of uniqueness to your trip. Now, here are the 5 places to visit in Goa, including beach, sanctuary, chapel, fort, and food joint that you should visit on your upcoming visit to Goa.

Bogmalo Beach:
This is a small and not-so-crowded beach of Goa. Behind the Dabolim Airport, and head of the Naval Museum, lies this beach. As this beach is not so crowded, you can enjoy at the beach without being distracted or disturbed. You may also visit Joet’s Shack as this is one of the finest ones. The scrumptious food and ideal location make this beach highly adorable and must visit.
·         Do Not Miss: Amazing Steak Diane at Joet’s Shack.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary:
If you drive a few kilometers outside Panjim, opposite Ribandar, on the Chorao Island, you reach this amazing Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. From Ribandar you can reach this sanctuary by a ferry ride. If you visit during the migratory season (February), you could be lucky enough to spot beautiful birds from Siberia. You could hire a boat and enjoy a guided tour. The benefit of the Goa travel guide is, you will get to know the names of the birds as you spot them.
·         Do Not Miss: Beautiful native as well as migratory birds on mangroves.

Our Lady of the Mount:
The popularity of the very popular Basilica of Bom Jesus has overshadowed this beautiful chapel of Old Goa. This chapel is located at a distance of about 1.5 km from the Basilica. The location of the chapel, on the hilltop, also makes it a worth visiting. Here you may enjoy the magnificent view of the Mandovi and rail line extending to Karmali station.
·         Do Not Miss: Pray to the Almighty to shower his choicest blessings upon you and your loved ones.

Cabo De Rama:
As you reach near the Mumbai Cochin highway in South Goa, you can see this magnificent fort. Though, this is not-so-popular fort as like Chapora fort and Aguada fort, you may take pleasure in viewing some of the amazing views of the sea.
·         Do Not Miss: Some of the old canons previously owned and used by the Portuguese.

Goan Delicacy:
If you plan to visit Dona Paula beach, do not miss to visit Goan Delicacy and taste some of the scrumptious food at affordable rates. This is not so-crowded as very few people know about this place. After you put a check mark on all the things to do in Goa, savoring scrumptious food becomes a necessity. The amazing interiors and excellent ambiance make this place a perfect place for the guests to enjoy their meals.
·         Do Not Miss: Decent steaks, great seafood, and beer for lunch.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Why Choose Goa As Your Honeymoon Destination!!

If you are searching for a romantic destination where it can be just you, your loved one and the great outdoors beautiful secluded surroundings of the Goa it is. The mesmerizing Goa features fabulous weather all throughout the year and the array of palm trees you could desire for along with coral reef makes it a delightful place to kick back with your loved one. Goa has it all to make for the perfect honeymoon vacation. The five best things to target while going in for a honeymoon to Goa are well listed below:
Honeymoon Couple 
Enjoy being at the Goa, the beach city of India because of its longest coastline. The beaches are the major attractions of this city enjoy romantic walks, watch beautiful sunsets, build sand castles and feast at the local shacks making the most of its pristine beaches.
Candolim Beach Goa
Have cruises fascinated you? I am sure that you have always dreamt of going on a cruise ride with your lover. So Goa gives you a chance turning all your dreams into reality by opting for cruises on Zuari and Mandovi River. One can book a cruise tour at any hour of the day and enjoy witnessing the picturesque sights, music, great food and local dance on this joy ride. 
Boat Cruise in Gao

How can one forget about the heritage churches of Goa? Goa is home to various well-built churches of the Portuguese era. Pay a visit to churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of St Francis of Assisi, St. Anthony Church and many more for a splendid exploration of the majestic churches along with taking blessing of the great lord on this special day.
Biserica Bom Jesus din vechea Church
Water activities:
If you and your lover have an interest in adventure water sports then Goa is surely not going to leave you disappointed. Visit the Baga beach of Goa to indulge in water sports like Windsurfing, jet skiing, Paragliding, scuba Diving, water skiing, water scooter etc. Well the best season to enjoy water sports is from October to May as at this time the skies here are cloudless, blue and the azure water is fairly placid. One can also choose to stay at Baga Beach Resorts one of the finest resorts placed near to Baga beach.
Water Activities in Goa
Visit the exquisite wildlife:
If nature excites you, how about visiting the famous wildlife and bird sanctuary. Visit the Bondla Zoo and Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary to visit some of the exotic wildlife in its natural habitat along with its rich floral surroundings.
Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Goa the most popular destination for party goes as this city features a pulsating nightlife. Enjoy partying all night at the city’s famous discotheques like Tito’s and Mambo’s. Spend a night while enjoying dancing to the great music and feasting on lip smacking local food.
Nightlife party in goa

Candlelight dinner:
Still there is something left to complete this romantic saga then just complete it with a candle light dinner. On this intimate meal enjoy some naughty talks while feasting upon the food and beverages that have an unending variety. 
Candlelight dinner

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Travel Through a Different World with Various Entertainment Options in Goa

Fun and Goa are the terms that go hand in hand. This state of India is completely a different world to explore. The Portuguese influence and amazing nightlife make Goa a sought-after destination to spend memorable and exciting vacation in India. There are numerous activities that one could take pleasure in. But, the state has so much to offer that there are still things that remain unexplored. Thus, the visitors mark their priorities while planning a vacation in Goa. There are various tour packages available that are designed to ensure a relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing vacation in Goa.
Nightlife in Goa
The level of entertainment in Goa is unlimited. Thus, there are various activities and hotspots to visit and make the best of the stay in Goa. During the day, you may enjoy an excursion to places to visit in Goa. The beaches are the best to enjoy the day. Later in the evening, you may visit some of the nightclubs and restaurants that make a part of the amazing nightlife of Goa.

Here is a small list of suggestions that you may take into consideration while your visit to Goa.

  •     Beaches mark the identity of Goa. You may spend time in witnessing the natural setting at the beaches. Make sand castles, watch sunset or sunrise, tale gradual walk on the soft sand, taste the scrumptious food sold at beaches.
  •          You may also add the element of adventure by exploring the exotic flora and fauna. Sanctuaries like Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, etc., are worth visiting. You may view the amazing natural landscape here along with wildlife.
  •          If you love glamour and glitter, you can become the part of amazing nightlife. You may visit the nightclubs, casinos, rest-o-bars, pubs, etc. These are praised for amazing music, relaxing atmosphere, etc. Thus, these are perfect to go with friends, family or loved one.
  •          Do not miss to enjoy the trance parties, the specialty of Goa. There also are moon parties organized, which are amazing and provide a lifetime experience.
  •          Goa Shopping - This something very important to complete the blissful vacation in Goa. There are various street markets as well as outlets of various popular brands where you could find some of the amazing stuff for yourself, friends, family and loved one. Along with shopping, you can also take the opportunity to taste the scrumptious Goan food served at various eateries. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Braganza House - The Ancient Portuguese Mansion in Goa

Goa is altogether a different world. The Portuguese influence could be witnessed in structures as well as delicacies. Braganza House is one of the oldest Portuguese mansions in Goa. The architectural elements and beautiful interiors provide the perfect glimpse of Portuguese.

In the 16th century, this mansion was built by the Braganza family. At the entrance, you may find the palm shaded avenues. This two storied mansion welcomes the guests to explore the well-preserved Portuguese delights that add to the major highlights of this place. Apart from well-appointed beautiful rooms, there is a library, which is the largest private library of Goa. Therefore, the interesting historical background also plays an important role in attracting tourists from all across the world to visit the Braganza House.

In the year 1950, the Braganza family was forced to leave the house. On their return, after 12 years, they were surprised to see the house unharmed. The western wing of the house, Menezes Braganza House, was renovated with stained glass windows, beautiful chandeliers and other elements that catch the eye of the onlooker. The eastern wing, Braganza Pereira House, is also a great attraction for the visitors as they could find old furnishings. There is a different smell of old times in the air here. The Braganza House also features a ballroom and a chapel. There also are various things and works that have been retained. Along with providing the glimpse of a bygone era, as you move out of the hose from the backside, you get the beautiful view of a fruit orchard.

Still the Braganza family resides in the Braganza House Goa. The oldest member of the family, Aida de Menezes is the part of the eighth generation of the Braganza family. As you explore the house, you may find the priceless pieces as you walk along the hallways and rooms. Some of the amazing features of the house are two porcelain vases, a huge coconut, a porcelain Macao, and crystal chandeliers. Thus, this is a perfect retreat for the tourists flying to Goa from different parts of the world.

In Goa, the tourists could also visit to various mansions like Figueredo Mansion, Mascarennas Mansion, Sat Burnzam Ghor, and Salvador da Costa Mansion. These are also praised for their elegant exteriors and beautiful interiors. Thus, you can make your stay a memorable by visiting other major attractions in Goa.

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Make Your Holidays In Goa Memorable With These Simple Suggestions

Holidays in Goa are the sought-after one, may it be for family trips, group of friends or the newlyweds. The elements like the sun-kissed beaches, gothic churches, colorful markets, colonial-style accommodations, amazing nightlife, etc., make Goa a perfect holiday destination and thus, a different world for the visitors. This state of India experiences huge footfall from other parts of India as well as across the globe. To make your vacations the most memorable one, here are some simple suggestions that you could consider while your Goa trip.

Where to Stay?

If you are looking for accommodation in North Goa, Aashyana Lakhanpal and Nilaya Hermitage are the options you could go for. The Aashyana Lakhanpal is situated in proximity to Candolim beach and is one of the most peaceful properties where one could enjoy a relaxing stay. On the other hand, the Nilaya Hermitage is a boutique hotel, appreciated for its well-appointed rooms, modern facilities and exceptional services. The location of the hotel, i.e., between the Anjuna and Baga beaches, in Arpora, also makes this hotel ideal for the tourists looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation in Goa.
Park Hyatt Resort and Spa Goa
In South Goa, the Taj Exotica is one of the best star beachside hotels, which is praised for its location being spread over an area of 56-acres of lush garden. This hotel offers a complete luxurious stay as there are various modern, business as well as recreational facilities available. Apart from this, The Leela is also the best luxury stay that you could opt for during your visit in Goa. The private beach is one of the attractive features of this hotel. The guests could also opt for Park Hyatt for a comfortable and memorable stay.

Where to Eat?

In North Goa, Fiesta in Baga is one of the most popular restaurants, where the guests could savor on the Portuguese cuisines. The newlyweds could visit the Indo-French Le Poisson Rouge to spend a romantic evening. Do not miss to relish carpaccio starters, beef filet steak, etc. If you have chosen Nilaya Hermitage for accommodation, Baba Au Ruhm is the popular French patisserie where you could enjoy the best pizzas and pain-au-chocolats.

Sun and Moon restaurant is simply the best place to visit to taste some of the delectable cuisines, if you are staying in South Goa. Casa Surita Restaurant in the Hyatt is also the place where you could savor Goan food. If you have selected Taj Exotica for your accommodation, you could also enjoy Oriental food at the Li Bai Restaurant.

Where to Party?

North Goa is regarded as the home of legendary nightlife. Tito's Lane is very popular in Baga. The Cabana is also another club that is situated in Arpora. Cosmopolitan crowd and a pool make Cabana club worth visiting. The amazing nightlife is also the major contributor to the incredible growth in Goa tourism.

In south Goa, if you are staying at Hyatt, you could enjoy an amazing nightlife at the Praia de Luz Lounge Bar. Well-stocked humidor and 106 wine labels make this place a perfect location for an exclusive evening. At The Leela, Aqua Disco-Lounge is the place where the guests could enjoy the perfect mix of modern and traditional décor styles. Apart from this, lighting laser experience and impressive music make this place a perfect evening hotspot. Bar 9 at Vagator Beach is also the perfect venue for the guest looking for an evening dancing some of the exclusive numbers played by some of the best DJs.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Goa Has It All to Make for a Splendid Family Vacation

Many people don’t consider India as a great destination for a family vacation. The reason they sought in support of this notion is the dubious standards of sanitation, unfavorable weather conditions and polluted cities. But let me tell you that being born and brought up in India, cultural values like relationships, group harmony and family orientation are cultivated in Indians at a very early age. Visiting India for a family vacation allows you to learn some cultural values that wouldn't be troublesome to imbibe as a family. 

Goa poses as an ideal family holiday destination in India. It makes for a popular pick for the families for its Golden beaches, silvery sand, water sports, lively atmosphere, beautiful Gothic churches and exotic wildlife. It seems as if Goa is ‘the destination’ for all age groups. Another feature that works in the favor Goa is that being here you won’t feel obligated to run from one monument to another. Book holiday Goa tour packages in advance as a lot of tourist visit Goa from every corner of the world. 

On reaching Goa, reserve a day for a visit to its pristine beaches as no other state in India offers a chain of thirty-six sandy and magnificent beaches. While exploring these mesmerizing beaches, indulge in water sports like para-sailing, toboggan ski biscuit, yachting, sport fishing, swimming, snorkeling and harpoon fishing. Enjoy and rejuvenate your soul by enjoying the scenic views scattered around and the sun painting tan of your body.   

A unique fact related to the history of Goa is that Portuguese ruled this place for more than 450 years and the landscapes of Goa were under the influence of English for over 250 years. Being the first state to be ruled by the Europeans and the last to be released, it features a potpourri of traditional Indian and Portuguese culture. The churches of Goa add further to its unique charm. These churches feature a great fusion of Catholic and Portuguese architectural styles. Some of the churches of Goa are also recognized as World Heritage Sites. 

Do not miss visiting Asia’s largest church, the St. Cathedral Church. The church features five huge bells of which one is known as the Golden Bell since it is made of an alloy of gold and some other metals. Also visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus, built in the honor of the infant Jesus. Admire the beautiful inlay work and frescoes that add to the beauty of the Church. Another significant church to be visited in Goa is the Church of St. Francis of Assissi. The interiors of the church display beautiful paintings of Hindu temple structures. The church reflects the perfect combination of Tuscan and Mosaic-Corinthian architectural styles.

Trip to Goa is not just about beaches and churches, one can also enjoy wildlife adventure. There are three main wildlife sanctuaries in Goa including Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. These sanctuaries serve as a habitat for exotic wildlife species and a visit to them is definitely going to make your tour memorable. Moreover, the best part is that some of the most popular hotels of Goa are located in close proximity to these wildlife sanctuaries. 

So  enjoy exploring Goa if not for the top cultural values that you'd consider India as an ideal family holiday destination, but  for the fact that there is endless fun, adventure and relaxation here.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Explore Goa With An Enjoyable Stay At The Leela, Goa

If you are not an armchair traveler and love to explore places in person then this is a must read for you. On my Goa vacation I was not only interested in visiting the lively and fun filled city for its magnificent sandy beaches, silvery sands and captivating views running along the coastal lines but also in exploring the beautiful Goa hotels. The luxury hotels in Goa are undoubtedly some of the best properties in India. Relaxing and rejuvenating those jaded muscles after days of strenuous work schedule was the schema of my vacation. Goa features an embodiment of luxury which makes even the basic properties of Goa designed in a manner that ensures guests to enjoy relaxed living close to nature’s bounty.

Being the hub of activities it features a wealth of natural splendor, a fiesta of colorful festivities, colonial lineage and the music revels in profusion. So whether it is the thrill of water that attracts one or the fervor of being touched by caressing winds on the magnificent beaches (the reason for my being here) that pulls you towards the town you are well taken care off at the five star hotels present in Goa.
Beaches in Goa
Beaches in Goa
I decide to stay in the Leela Goa which is located minutes away and is tucked away from the hub of the city life. This luxury hotel has Sal, the quaint fishing village as its neighbor. As I entered the hotel I was spellbound see the unique fusion of South Indian architecture with the Portuguese heritage. When you walk through this magnificent property spread across 75 acres the king style abode reveals it you for aficionados of luxury living. The 185 luxurious rooms sport impeccably fashioned contemporary décor and exude homely warmth. My room was elegantly furnished and featured a balcony overlooking the lagoon. It also had facilities like satellite TV, minibar and CD players. En suite bathrooms come with a bathtub and hairdryer. After resting for a while in the cozy comfort of the room, I walked out of the room to explore the luxury hotel. The premises are surrounded by garden and blue lagoons and facilitate 12-hole golf course, outdoor pool and a 24-hour casino.
The Leela Goa Hotel
The Leela Goa Hotel
After exploring this majestic hotel property I head forward for the lunch. The Leela Goa offers seven food and beverage options served in buffet style while the cuisines ranging from local Indian dishes to Italian food.  All the food here is prepared under expert supervision and served at the most chic restaurants. After the lunch I decided to enjoy an Ayurvedic massage and yoga sessions at the spa. My evening was to be spent on a sunset cruise arranged by the Leela concierge. Another thing I enjoyed during my stay at the Leela Goa was attending a game of tennis at their tennis court and try my hands on pottery at their pottery making classes. The staff was extremely cordial and knew what they were doing. The way they take care of their guests make them get back sooner than they actually would have thought of.  In all, the place did full justice to the name “VACATION”.

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Goa’s Pristine Beaches – The Soul & Heart of Goa Tourism

The list of attractions that make Goa a popular destination for the tourists is simply unending. Outpacing the other attractions, the pristine beaches mark a distinctive identity of the state. The beautiful sun-kissed beaches, adorned with swaying coconut trees and popular restaurants, are simply perfect to spend a blissful vacation. Beach vacations to Goa are ideal to be spent with family, friends or special one. Moreover, the thatched houseboats, exotic resorts, fishing nets, and many other elements play an important role in making Goa vacations memorable for the tourists all across the globe. Here is a short description provided for the popular beaches of Goa.
Goa Beach Vacations
          Calangute Beach: To enjoy a lively atmosphere, visit the Calangute beach. This beach hustles and bustles with guests all round the year. This beach has a unique beauty and charm that attracts guests from all across the world. For facilitating proper accommodation, there are various resorts and hotels having proximity to this beach. Thus, you need to spend a vacation here to get the real reason behind the Calangute beach being popular as ‘Queen of Beaches’. Calangute Beach

         Baga Beach: The natural setting makes this beach a sought after holiday spot for the tourists visiting Goa. This beach stretches to the length of 30 km, providing options for various things to enjoy and see.  You may spend hours here taking sun-bath and also to take pleasure in various water sports and activities.
Baga Beach
           Candolim Beach: With proximity with Panjim, this beach has resulted in huge footfall. Candolim beach is worth visiting as this beach serves the guests looking for tour theses like honeymoon, adventure or nature trail. Here, you may also take pleasure in various water sports like water skiing and parasailing. 
Candolim Beach
           Colva Beach: In Goa, this is one of the popular beaches. This beach is 20 km long and the visitors can see white sand all around. Further, there are all facilities like resorts, restaurants, markets, etc., available that make the trip of the guests highly comfortable, luxurious and full of delight.   Colva Beach
           Benaulim Beach: During weekends, Benaulim Beach witnesses tourists as well as local visitors. This beautiful coastline is simply amazing to spend a delightful Goa holidays. One could also find typical handicrafts that reflect the Goan culture and also rosewood furniture that have a strong association with Benaulim. You may also purchase the, as souvenirs.

Apart from these, Goa is full of big and small beaches that are worth visiting for one of the other reasons. Due to beautiful and amazing beaches, Goa is popular as ‘Rome of the East’ or ‘Pearl of the Orient’. You visit with family or friends or the special one is certainly going to be the best one so far if you choose for a Goa delight tour package, and find resorts and hotels near to the beach.

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