Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Trip To Goa Can Add Beautiful Colors To Your Life’s Canvas…

Goa, the land of beautiful beaches is on the must visit list of many. Right from those seeking to relax on the sandy beaches, while getting some tan to those ready to indulge in adventure, that is full-on, Goa’s the perfect retreat. Goa, known among not just Indians but foreigners, can  offer you a holiday of a lifetime. Top favorite among honeymooners, party animals and adventure seekers, a trip to Goa is bound to decorate your memories with beautiful and unforgettable colors for life.
Tour to Goa

Goa is just Goa and there’s no place like this

Everything about Goa, right from its beaches, which are not just few, but many in numbers to the dresses and  cuisine is unique and distinct. Goa is a perfect escape to enjoy water and life with family, colleagues, friends  or the one  you love. When at Goa you can just relax at the beach while appreciating the beauty  of the sea which stretches endlessly. Otherwise, you can indulge in water sports like banana ride, parasailing, and more. Also, for  all you nature lovers, there are guided dolphin watching tours that can help you witness and get close to these beautiful creatures, while at their natural habitat.

 So, go Goa, because there is no comparison

The time you spend in Goa is bound to stay with you forever. When at Goa, you can leap to get drenched in joy and fun and experience nirvana. The many numbers of foreigners who stay here  for months together and some who have shifted here  permanently, can easily help you know that what’s it like being in Goa and why it's so different than the rest. When here you  can relax, go overboard, eat till your heart’s content and get away totally from the worries that keep haunting your mind.

Goa Tourism  is like an expensive jewel in India’s tourism treasure

Goa in India manages to pull a whopping number of visitors every year, who retire here to experience never ending fun. The traveler categories comprise of people from every background who share a common thing- ‘search for fun’. The Goa tourism industry is booming and the revenue generated each year is too big to go unnoticed. The tourism industry in Goa contributes significantly in the country’s tourism treasure. The popularity this smallest state in India which possesses the biggest heart, enjoys is superb. The many hotels, beginning from budget category to five star ones, are a perfect example of how popular Goa is among people.

Trip to Goa

So, why wait more, get going as  it's time to hit the waters, pack your bags and go Goa, because there’s nothing else like being here. From the churches to the shacks, get to experience two extremities here. 

After all, life’s one, so enjoy and get soaked in the Goan color which would stay with you like your treasured memories for life.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Useful Money Saving Tips For Your Ideal Holiday Trip To Goa

A perfect holiday should be well planned in advance to avoid any kind of last minute hassles. Prior planning will help you to arrange your things in a better way. A trip to Goa is a perfect holiday option for enjoying your best time with your family and friends. Goa is a big and an enthralling place, so it is necessary to plan your vacation in such a way so as to not lose all your savings. The holiday in Goa can be an expensive one if you are not able to plan out in a perfect manner. Here are some handy tips to cut down on your cost while holidaying in Goa. 

         Accomodation : Accomodation is the first thing for planning your Goa vacation. Always remember to book for your accomodation in advance so as to get the best deal. Goa has many hotels ranging from economy hotels, luxury hotels and beach hotels. Always make sure to do an extensive research of the different options available online without relying on a single travel agency. Make sure to get the best deal from the tour operator which is inclusive of all facilities at an affordable price. 

            Food : Food is the most amazing part of Goa, especially for the seafood lovers. If your travel package includes more entertainment and recreational things and does not provides many food options, then you can strike a deal with the small scale local lodges and the restaurants instead of high cost food in luxury hotels. This will save a lot of money and will also provide you with delectable mouth watering Goa cuisines . 

            Shopping : While holidaying, overindulgence in shopping can prove very expensive to your vacation. Always remember to shop for more useful things rather than going for unnecessary things. Goa gives you a lot shopping options which are not so heavy on your pocket. The flea market at Arjuna in Goa, is one the most popular flea market and offers a variety of shopping options for you. The flea market is known for its some amazing stuffs like clothes, accessories, traditional Goa handicrafts and many more. 

         Off season Travel : Off season travel can be really beneficial and affordable if you are planning your vacation with your family. The rates of hotels are generally very high in peak season and lower in the off season. The hotels also provide attractive travel packages for its customers, as it is necessary for the hotels to keep their rooms well occupied. The rates in Goa are very high in  the peak season. Off-season travel plan is ideal for those people whose budget is not so high. Always try to bargain as much as you can for striking the perfect deal. The mesmerizing beauty of Goa’s sun kissed beaches can be enjoyed throughout the year, and make the best of your Goa trip during the monsoons and summers.

     Goa can be your most memorable holiday destination if you follow these money saving tips and enjoying your holiday without breaking your savings.

Friday, 19 April 2013

And You Thought You Knew Where to Stay in Goa !!

Goa is the most hot and happening tourist destination in the world. The place is known for its hospitality since for Goan People hospitality is not just a word, but it is a tradition. The Goa hotel has always upheld this tradition to make their visitors pleased.
beaches in goa
Agonda Beach Goa
So if you choose to visit Goa as your travel destination for its hospitality and its lush green surrounding and its picturesque beaches. The first question that ponders your mind is where to stay in Goa. There might be numerous accommodation options ranging from  exotic resorts to camping. While many hotels cater to the need of business personnel, the others are more interested in attracting honeymooners. In case you wish to enjoy camping then opt for Otter Creek Tents as they offer tents in the form of small houses perfect for the couple to  cuddle up and forget the rest of the world.
Five star hotel in goa
Park Hyatt Hotel Dining
If resting in a resort is on your mind then opt for Goa Marriott Resort or the Casablance Beach Resort. These resorts perfectly cater to the needs of the family and is loaded with all the modern amenities the your little ones will love to enjoy. Some of them being the kid's club, swimming pools , gaming zones are to name a few. And for the newly weds Dona Sylvia is a perfect option letting them to enjoy the peace and alluring ambiance giving them a chance to enjoy each other company to the fullest. 
Night life party in Goa
Night Life Party in Goa
So no matter for what might be your interest in choosing Goa as your holiday destination, the place provides many different accommodations as the option that will readily fit in your budget and requirement and put a full stop at your worries about where to stay in Goa.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Indulge in a Lavish Holiday to Goa

Located on the west coast of India, Goa is the one of the smallest state of India. Goa has its own charm and magic away from the hum drum of the life in the city. One of the hottest destinations of India, Goa is famous for its golden sands, exotic cuisines and endless walk on the beaches in sunny days. Plan a Goa Holiday for a worthy and the best time spent with your family.  

The delight of Goa lies in its Candolim beaches. It is one of the most crowded beaches and known for its beautiful white sands and palm groves. The beautiful shallow water beach is known for swimming, boating and fishing. Feel yourself lucky to share the beach with a water buffalo or cow. Indulge in the delicious seafood along with the local cuisine to taste the best fish cakes.

If you are in a mood of celebration then Otta a Reverie in Calangute with its high end cuisine is a perfect place for you. By the night get to see the real Goa performing the traditional dances and selling everything from clothes, bags and jewelry. The other big attraction of Goa is its Hippie flea market in Anjuna and Bombay Bazaar in Panjim where you can shop for almost anything and everything. PR Enterprises in Baga where one can get to see an Alladin’s cave which is made to measure jewelry, silks, rugs and suits. 

Beaches in Goa
Beaches in Goa
The South of Goa is famous for its Cavelossim Beach is a perfect place for the day and the best part is this beach is never crowded and one can enjoy different water sports. For a dazzling rocking party night head to Mike’s Beach Shack where you can dance to the tunes of the resident DJ and enjoying the fireworks in the sky. 5 Holiday Inn Resort located in Mobor Beach is Goa’s one of the finest resorts having a wide expansive tropical gardens. 

Goa is the best place to explore beautiful sandy beaches, sumptuous seafood, quaint homes and of course old Gothic churches known for exhibiting Portuguese culture. GoaTrip offers many amazing packages to its travelers for having a wonderful experience.  Goa Trip can be indeed a great vacation for your family.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Here’s Why You Must Visit Goa This Summer

Trip to Goa
Goa Beach

It is no exaggeration to say that Goa is one of the most sought-after beaches and party destinations for tourists, from all around the world. It witnesses a huge influx of visitors, each year. The peak season of Goa falls between the months of September to February, when millions of tourists, both locals and foreigners visit Goa to have a fun-filled time. The main reason for this is a pleasant weather in Goa during these times. This can said to be a great season to visit Goa but the price tag of everything goes high. Summer Holidays in Goa will be great and beneficial for your pocket too, as this is an off-season time. Thus, here’s why you must visit Goa, this summer:

Easy availability of air tickets- The best part of traveling to Goa in summers is that there is easy availability of the air tickets. You will easily get the tickets on the day and time which you want and that too at cheaper prices in comparison to the peak season. You are going to save a lot of money.
Cheap food and accommodation –Food and accommodation will also be cheaper during summer time. When the crowd would be less, there food as well as accommodation of your choice will be available to you easily and at extremely low rates. It is the best time to avail impressive discounts and freebies.

Secluded beaches – If you love seclusion then this is going to be the best time for you. As the crowd will be less, people on the beaches are also going to be less. You can enjoy your moments of privacy at the secluded beaches of the southern part of Goa.

Excellent bargain on Shopping – Goa is a state, which is visited by all kinds of travelers, starting from backpackers to jet-setters. This place houses everything, from flea markets to designer showrooms. You can shop for cane furniture, faux handbags/purses, clothes, shell jewelry and knick-knacks, funky clothes etc. The flea markets of Goa during off-season offer excellent bargain on shopping. If you want cheap booze, again Goa it is! You can also buy cashew nuts of excellent quality from this beach state.  

No long queues for water sports - Indulging in water sports is a major attraction amongst the tourists. Another benefit of summer holidays in Goa will be that there will be no long queues for water sports.

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