Friday, 19 July 2013

Braganza House - The Ancient Portuguese Mansion in Goa

Goa is altogether a different world. The Portuguese influence could be witnessed in structures as well as delicacies. Braganza House is one of the oldest Portuguese mansions in Goa. The architectural elements and beautiful interiors provide the perfect glimpse of Portuguese.

In the 16th century, this mansion was built by the Braganza family. At the entrance, you may find the palm shaded avenues. This two storied mansion welcomes the guests to explore the well-preserved Portuguese delights that add to the major highlights of this place. Apart from well-appointed beautiful rooms, there is a library, which is the largest private library of Goa. Therefore, the interesting historical background also plays an important role in attracting tourists from all across the world to visit the Braganza House.

In the year 1950, the Braganza family was forced to leave the house. On their return, after 12 years, they were surprised to see the house unharmed. The western wing of the house, Menezes Braganza House, was renovated with stained glass windows, beautiful chandeliers and other elements that catch the eye of the onlooker. The eastern wing, Braganza Pereira House, is also a great attraction for the visitors as they could find old furnishings. There is a different smell of old times in the air here. The Braganza House also features a ballroom and a chapel. There also are various things and works that have been retained. Along with providing the glimpse of a bygone era, as you move out of the hose from the backside, you get the beautiful view of a fruit orchard.

Still the Braganza family resides in the Braganza House Goa. The oldest member of the family, Aida de Menezes is the part of the eighth generation of the Braganza family. As you explore the house, you may find the priceless pieces as you walk along the hallways and rooms. Some of the amazing features of the house are two porcelain vases, a huge coconut, a porcelain Macao, and crystal chandeliers. Thus, this is a perfect retreat for the tourists flying to Goa from different parts of the world.

In Goa, the tourists could also visit to various mansions like Figueredo Mansion, Mascarennas Mansion, Sat Burnzam Ghor, and Salvador da Costa Mansion. These are also praised for their elegant exteriors and beautiful interiors. Thus, you can make your stay a memorable by visiting other major attractions in Goa.

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