Friday, 12 July 2013

Goa Has It All to Make for a Splendid Family Vacation

Many people don’t consider India as a great destination for a family vacation. The reason they sought in support of this notion is the dubious standards of sanitation, unfavorable weather conditions and polluted cities. But let me tell you that being born and brought up in India, cultural values like relationships, group harmony and family orientation are cultivated in Indians at a very early age. Visiting India for a family vacation allows you to learn some cultural values that wouldn't be troublesome to imbibe as a family. 

Goa poses as an ideal family holiday destination in India. It makes for a popular pick for the families for its Golden beaches, silvery sand, water sports, lively atmosphere, beautiful Gothic churches and exotic wildlife. It seems as if Goa is ‘the destination’ for all age groups. Another feature that works in the favor Goa is that being here you won’t feel obligated to run from one monument to another. Book holiday Goa tour packages in advance as a lot of tourist visit Goa from every corner of the world. 

On reaching Goa, reserve a day for a visit to its pristine beaches as no other state in India offers a chain of thirty-six sandy and magnificent beaches. While exploring these mesmerizing beaches, indulge in water sports like para-sailing, toboggan ski biscuit, yachting, sport fishing, swimming, snorkeling and harpoon fishing. Enjoy and rejuvenate your soul by enjoying the scenic views scattered around and the sun painting tan of your body.   

A unique fact related to the history of Goa is that Portuguese ruled this place for more than 450 years and the landscapes of Goa were under the influence of English for over 250 years. Being the first state to be ruled by the Europeans and the last to be released, it features a potpourri of traditional Indian and Portuguese culture. The churches of Goa add further to its unique charm. These churches feature a great fusion of Catholic and Portuguese architectural styles. Some of the churches of Goa are also recognized as World Heritage Sites. 

Do not miss visiting Asia’s largest church, the St. Cathedral Church. The church features five huge bells of which one is known as the Golden Bell since it is made of an alloy of gold and some other metals. Also visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus, built in the honor of the infant Jesus. Admire the beautiful inlay work and frescoes that add to the beauty of the Church. Another significant church to be visited in Goa is the Church of St. Francis of Assissi. The interiors of the church display beautiful paintings of Hindu temple structures. The church reflects the perfect combination of Tuscan and Mosaic-Corinthian architectural styles.

Trip to Goa is not just about beaches and churches, one can also enjoy wildlife adventure. There are three main wildlife sanctuaries in Goa including Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. These sanctuaries serve as a habitat for exotic wildlife species and a visit to them is definitely going to make your tour memorable. Moreover, the best part is that some of the most popular hotels of Goa are located in close proximity to these wildlife sanctuaries. 

So  enjoy exploring Goa if not for the top cultural values that you'd consider India as an ideal family holiday destination, but  for the fact that there is endless fun, adventure and relaxation here.

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