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Explore Goa With An Enjoyable Stay At The Leela, Goa

If you are not an armchair traveler and love to explore places in person then this is a must read for you. On my Goa vacation I was not only interested in visiting the lively and fun filled city for its magnificent sandy beaches, silvery sands and captivating views running along the coastal lines but also in exploring the beautiful Goa hotels. The luxury hotels in Goa are undoubtedly some of the best properties in India. Relaxing and rejuvenating those jaded muscles after days of strenuous work schedule was the schema of my vacation. Goa features an embodiment of luxury which makes even the basic properties of Goa designed in a manner that ensures guests to enjoy relaxed living close to nature’s bounty.

Being the hub of activities it features a wealth of natural splendor, a fiesta of colorful festivities, colonial lineage and the music revels in profusion. So whether it is the thrill of water that attracts one or the fervor of being touched by caressing winds on the magnificent beaches (the reason for my being here) that pulls you towards the town you are well taken care off at the five star hotels present in Goa.
Beaches in Goa
Beaches in Goa
I decide to stay in the Leela Goa which is located minutes away and is tucked away from the hub of the city life. This luxury hotel has Sal, the quaint fishing village as its neighbor. As I entered the hotel I was spellbound see the unique fusion of South Indian architecture with the Portuguese heritage. When you walk through this magnificent property spread across 75 acres the king style abode reveals it you for aficionados of luxury living. The 185 luxurious rooms sport impeccably fashioned contemporary d├ęcor and exude homely warmth. My room was elegantly furnished and featured a balcony overlooking the lagoon. It also had facilities like satellite TV, minibar and CD players. En suite bathrooms come with a bathtub and hairdryer. After resting for a while in the cozy comfort of the room, I walked out of the room to explore the luxury hotel. The premises are surrounded by garden and blue lagoons and facilitate 12-hole golf course, outdoor pool and a 24-hour casino.
The Leela Goa Hotel
The Leela Goa Hotel
After exploring this majestic hotel property I head forward for the lunch. The Leela Goa offers seven food and beverage options served in buffet style while the cuisines ranging from local Indian dishes to Italian food.  All the food here is prepared under expert supervision and served at the most chic restaurants. After the lunch I decided to enjoy an Ayurvedic massage and yoga sessions at the spa. My evening was to be spent on a sunset cruise arranged by the Leela concierge. Another thing I enjoyed during my stay at the Leela Goa was attending a game of tennis at their tennis court and try my hands on pottery at their pottery making classes. The staff was extremely cordial and knew what they were doing. The way they take care of their guests make them get back sooner than they actually would have thought of.  In all, the place did full justice to the name “VACATION”.

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