Friday, 19 April 2013

And You Thought You Knew Where to Stay in Goa !!

Goa is the most hot and happening tourist destination in the world. The place is known for its hospitality since for Goan People hospitality is not just a word, but it is a tradition. The Goa hotel has always upheld this tradition to make their visitors pleased.
beaches in goa
Agonda Beach Goa
So if you choose to visit Goa as your travel destination for its hospitality and its lush green surrounding and its picturesque beaches. The first question that ponders your mind is where to stay in Goa. There might be numerous accommodation options ranging from  exotic resorts to camping. While many hotels cater to the need of business personnel, the others are more interested in attracting honeymooners. In case you wish to enjoy camping then opt for Otter Creek Tents as they offer tents in the form of small houses perfect for the couple to  cuddle up and forget the rest of the world.
Five star hotel in goa
Park Hyatt Hotel Dining
If resting in a resort is on your mind then opt for Goa Marriott Resort or the Casablance Beach Resort. These resorts perfectly cater to the needs of the family and is loaded with all the modern amenities the your little ones will love to enjoy. Some of them being the kid's club, swimming pools , gaming zones are to name a few. And for the newly weds Dona Sylvia is a perfect option letting them to enjoy the peace and alluring ambiance giving them a chance to enjoy each other company to the fullest. 
Night life party in Goa
Night Life Party in Goa
So no matter for what might be your interest in choosing Goa as your holiday destination, the place provides many different accommodations as the option that will readily fit in your budget and requirement and put a full stop at your worries about where to stay in Goa.

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