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Here’s Why You Must Visit Goa This Summer

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It is no exaggeration to say that Goa is one of the most sought-after beaches and party destinations for tourists, from all around the world. It witnesses a huge influx of visitors, each year. The peak season of Goa falls between the months of September to February, when millions of tourists, both locals and foreigners visit Goa to have a fun-filled time. The main reason for this is a pleasant weather in Goa during these times. This can said to be a great season to visit Goa but the price tag of everything goes high. Summer Holidays in Goa will be great and beneficial for your pocket too, as this is an off-season time. Thus, here’s why you must visit Goa, this summer:

Easy availability of air tickets- The best part of traveling to Goa in summers is that there is easy availability of the air tickets. You will easily get the tickets on the day and time which you want and that too at cheaper prices in comparison to the peak season. You are going to save a lot of money.
Cheap food and accommodation –Food and accommodation will also be cheaper during summer time. When the crowd would be less, there food as well as accommodation of your choice will be available to you easily and at extremely low rates. It is the best time to avail impressive discounts and freebies.

Secluded beaches – If you love seclusion then this is going to be the best time for you. As the crowd will be less, people on the beaches are also going to be less. You can enjoy your moments of privacy at the secluded beaches of the southern part of Goa.

Excellent bargain on Shopping – Goa is a state, which is visited by all kinds of travelers, starting from backpackers to jet-setters. This place houses everything, from flea markets to designer showrooms. You can shop for cane furniture, faux handbags/purses, clothes, shell jewelry and knick-knacks, funky clothes etc. The flea markets of Goa during off-season offer excellent bargain on shopping. If you want cheap booze, again Goa it is! You can also buy cashew nuts of excellent quality from this beach state.  

No long queues for water sports - Indulging in water sports is a major attraction amongst the tourists. Another benefit of summer holidays in Goa will be that there will be no long queues for water sports.

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