Saturday, 29 September 2012

Facts and Trivia about Goa Holidays

With the month of October already staring us down, Goa might have started witnessing the arrival of Indian and international tourists in large numbers. The tiny Indian state of Goa has already attained the distinction of being the most popular tourist destination in India and the tourism statistics of 2010 proves the statement with over 2 million annual visitors. In this particular blog post, I have enlisted some facts and details that will prove why Goa is so much popular around the world.

•  As per the tourism statistics of 2010, Goa witnessed arrival of over 2 million tourists out if which 1.2 million were from abroad.

•  The 125 kilometer long coastline of Goa is dotted with a total number of 16 beaches categorized as North Goa and South Goa beaches.

•  Being ruled by Portuguese invaders for over 450 years, Old Goa is an ideal jaunt for art lovers and connoisseurs. The churches and cathedrals housed here were built sometime around 15th and 16th century and recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

•  The full of beans night life of Goa is quite hit with youngsters who love to groove on the beats of trance music. Anjuna and Vagator are the most popular party destinations in Goa and therefore, you will find number bars and pubs such as CafĂ© Looda’s, Mango Tree, Curlies and Paradiso. 

•  If you are fascinated by casino life of Las Vegas, you won’t be disappointed in Goa. The state is home to some popular casinos that offer best gaming facilities tantamount to the international standards. Las Vegas, Chances, Winners and Floating Casino Royale are popular names in the list.

 •  The concept of home stays in Goa is fast picking up with those interested in glimpsing the local lifestyle of the populace. Here a local resident lends a part of their home to the tourist on rent which also helps in generating income for them.

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