Saturday, 10 November 2012

Celebrate A Joyous Diwali in Goa - Naraka Chaturdashi Celebrations in Goa

Only few days are left for the biggest Hindu festival ‘Diwali’ and if you stay in Goa, then you must be aware of the fact that in Goa, the celebration of Diwali begins on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. On the actual day of Deepawali, people clean their houses and adorn it with mango leaves, marigold flowers and lighted lamps.
The day after the Diwali, effigies of Narakasura made up of paper, grass and oil are burned as a symbol of the defeat of evil. Let’s put some light on the mythological account of demon Narakasura. He was the king of the city ‘Pragjyotishpura’ and was slain by Lord Krishna for his dreadful acts. He was the son of earth goddess and Lord Vishnu’s incarnation ‘Varaha’ and the prophecy was made that nobody else other than Lord Vishnu himself can kill this demon. Since then Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated in India every year alongside other festivals preceding and succeeding Deepawali.

If you are heading to Goa anytime soon before Diwali, feel yourself lucky to be the spectator of the celebration of this grand Hindu festival in Goa. Wish you a safe and a happy Diwali.

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