Friday, 15 February 2013

7 Trends that Are Hot for 2013 Travel!

Yes, every new year entails new trends. So is the case with travel – new and more exotic destinations are being discovered, tourists are turning a lot more adventurous and tourism for offbeat, remote locations are gaining momentum. It sure seems like 2013 travel will present a whole list of new travel trends, some of which we have tried to predict and enlist here:

    1-      Luxury Travel will find a lot more takers this year. With the ever growing Forbes’ lists and the rich becoming a lot more aggressive with their spending patterns, expect a lot more people to sign up for luxury tours. Think about a week in the Alps, or a cruise to Macau, a luxury train tour in India or even a luxurious “safari” in Namibia – the possibilities are endless.

2    2-      Family Tours or Large Group Tours will increase in number. The 2013 adage has changed to “The family that holidays together, stays together”. Already, tour operators across a globe are receiving a flurry of family tour enquiries. The plus side is, you get more than decent discounts on group bookings. And no, there are no negatives at all.

3   3 -      Honeymooners are the newest adventure freaks. Yes, a honeymoon is no longer about rose petals, romantic gondolas and intimate horse rides. Honeymooners today prefer deep sea diving, bungee jumping and fishing for corals. Tour operators can expect a lot of crazy requests from “madly in love” honeymooners.

Travel has evolved continuously over time. And 2013, too, promises to usher in new surprises. Stay glued to this space.

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