Tuesday, 10 September 2013

10 Goan Dishes Suggested By Five Star Chefs!

The Goan population is very emotional when it comes to dining, siesta time and drinking. The specialty of the Goan food is tangy, spicy and non-vegetarian. The main ingredients of any Goan delicacy are coconut, seafood, traditional spices and rice. The delicacies are highly influenced by the erstwhile Portuguese colonialism. Authentically, the Goan delicacies are extremely fiery, but to make them apt for western palate, the dishes are watered down. Here is a rundown of top 10 Goan delicacies that are not to be missed while being on a Goa trip.


Pork is the main ingredient of this spicy delicacy. Sorpotel is one of the popular Goan dishes. This is also very popular amidst non-vegetarians.


Ambotik is suggested for fish lovers. The recipe is tangy, spicy and tasty and too tempting that it attracts tourists to visit Goa frequently. This sour curry could also be prepared with meat.


This cuisine gets its name from Portuguese term ‘vinho e alho’ meaning ‘garlic and wine’ in English. Vindaloo is a dish prepared using garlic and wine marinade.

Sol Kadi

Sol Kadi is either taken as an appetizer or along with food. This recipe is a mixture of sour and spicy kokum fruit and coconut. Sol Kadi is best when served cold.


Xacuti is a Goan curry prepared with beef or chicken, cooked with various traditional spices and roasted grated coconut. Xacuti is praised for its distinctive and amazing flavor.


Cafrial is prepared with chicken, marinated in a sauce made of garlic, ginger and chilies. After marinating, the chicken is shallow fried. Cafrial is very fiery in taste.

Fried Fish

Pomfret is the popular fish in Goa. Pomfret is fried with various traditional spices. Fried Fish tastes best when served hot.

Goan Curry

Goan Prawn/Fish Curry is best accompanied with traditionally steamed rice. The curry is loved for its distinct spicy and sour flavor. The curry is sizzling hot due to use of traditional spices.


Bebinca is tempting due to its wonderful texture. This pudding is prepared from the mixture of a layer upon layer made of plain flour, clarified butter (ghee), sugar, coconut milk, egg yolk, and almond slivers to garnish.


Feni, clear and strong brewed, is the local drink of Goa. This drink is either prepared from the juice of the cashew apple or coconut.

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