Thursday, 10 October 2013

Entertainment in Goa - Synonymous With Ultimate Joyfulness

For memorable beach vacations in India, Goa is the only destination found in sought-after choices of the tourists flying India from far flung regions. It is a fact that the beaches of Goa have dominated other elements of the state. But on the contrary, entertainment in Goa is one of the reasons that ensure the ultimate vacation experience. There are numerous activities to choose from according to the specific to the preferences of the guests.

Entertainment in Goa attracts visitors from all parts of the world, irrespective of age. The Goan nightlife is one of the must to be experienced. There are numerous discotheques, casinos, night clubs, and pubs in Goa. There also are various entertainment centers where the visitors could enjoy the Goan entertainment including Music, Dance, drinks and Goan food.

It would not be wrong to call Goa as the entertainment capital of India. Apart from serene beaches and structures holding historic significance, the entertainment in Goa includes sports, dance & music, nightlife, and a lot more.

Sports in Goa:
For tourists interested in sports, Goa has numerous adventurous activities for such avid travelers. The list includes Parasailing, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Hiking, Water-Skiing, Bird Watching, trekking, river cruises, and many more.

Dance & Music in Goa:

Music flows in the veins of Goan people, the same is reflected in their traditional dance and music. While your visit in Goa, do not miss to enjoy the traditional dances of Goa, which includes Goof Dance, Mussal Dance, Kunbi Dance, Romat Dance, and Lamp Dance.

Apart from this, the Goan traditional dramas are also worth watching. Some of the popular dramas are Tiatr and Jagar. The Goan dance and music are very much influenced by Portuguese lyrics and tone. Goa is also popular for religious and Jazz music.

Nightlife in Goa:

The nightlife of Goa is one important factor that has attracted tourists from all parts of the world. Parties at beaches, nightclubs, casinos, discotheques and clubs such as Club Antoosa, Club Cubana and Club Extreme are some important elements that make up an ultimate nightlife of Goa. Some of the most visited casinos in Goa are Holiday Inn Goa Resort - Hacienda De Oro Casino & Pub, Las Vegas The Gaming Club, Leela Palace Hotel, and Cidade de Goa Beach Resort - Chances Casino. 

Apart from this, you can also watch movies in some of the theaters in Goa. Cine Prashant, Cine National, Cine Alankar and El - Capital, and Cine Lata are to name a few.

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