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Travel to Goa in Monsoon-Some Interesting Things to do for First Time Visitors

One of the major highlights of your tour to India, Goa is a land blessed with exotic landscapes, silver & golden beaches, sea food smacking tips and spine shivering water sports. A trip to Goa cools the entire body and soul. It is a wonderful tourist locale to enjoy with your love ones. Even though Goa is a safer tourist destination, tourists must be careful about petty thefts. One should take care of their belongings, especially in the crowded places such as markets and bus stops. A lot of pickpockets will be trading in these areas. Besides thieves, tourists should remain careful of beggars and touts.

Not wasting our time anymore on the beggars and touts, we’ll move further and talk about some interesting things to do in Goa during monsoons. If you happen to visit Goa during Monsoons, there is a lot to do from the perspective of local Goan way.

Major Attractions in Goa during Monsoon Season

There are some picturesque wildlife sanctuaries in Goa that are open throughout the year. Mollem National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary are the major ones. They are harder to reach than Bondla, the smallest and most accessible sanctuary in Goa. Besides natural trails, there are mini zoo and deer safari park, which is a perfect jaunt for kids. The imposing Dudhsagar Falls, located on the edge of the Mollem National Park. During the monsoon, the water tumbles down from a huge height.

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Monsoon Festivals in Goa 

The vibrant festivals of Goa are the best reason to visit this tiny Indian state during monsoon period. Sao Joao Festival in Goa is an interesting festival celebrated in Late June and involves the interesting feat of men jumping into the overflowing village wells to retrieve bottles of local Feni.  Then there is feast of Saint Peter and Paul, at the end of June, which sees people sailing up river performing plays and songs. During late August, the carnival-type Bonderam flag festival that is held on tiny Divar Island, off the coast from Panaji. Ganesh Chaturthi is also observed in Goa.

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Goan Nightlife in Monsoon 

During the monsoon, the renowned nightlife of Goa is negligible. The renowned Mambo’s and Tito’s Bar at Baga Beach both rock all throughout the year. Then there is bar at The Park Hotel in Calangute, which is a hip bar with regular DJ’s.  For those interested in live musicians, they can visit the more languid Cavala, near Baga Beach. There is live and retro rock on Friday nights and retro, jive and salsa on Saturday nights from 8 PM. Nevertheless, you may also want to try your luck at one of the top casinos in Goa.

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Eating in Goa 

Goan cuisine is delectable and lip smacking with its use of coconut and flavorsome spices. Seafood is the specialty of Goa. Here you will find every seafood delicacy such as fish, prawns, lobsters, squids and mussels. Also a few famous restaurants and shacks have become tourist destinations in their own right.

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Shopping in Goa 

Without mentioning the exhilarating shopping options in Goa, Goa Travel Guide is not completed. The state is famous for its handicrafts such as terracotta figurines, brass wares, exquisite bamboo artifacts, sea-shell jewelry and water color paintings. Visit the Anjuna Flea Market, held every Wednesday, to enjoy the true taste of Goa.

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Accommodation in Goa 

Goa is an awesome place to chill out along with its superb beaches. It is not a difficult job to find tourist accommodation here. During your stay at this beach paradise in India, tourists have an opportunity to explore the insights of this tourist destination. While visiting this wonderful tourist destination, people often enjoy fabulous hospitality of hotels in Goa ( Some popular hotels include Goa Marriot Resort, The Leela Goa and The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort. 

Though I’m not sure whether you’ll pack your bags after reading this blog or not, but keeping in mind the tourist statistics of Goa, this tiny Indian state is a must visit place.

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