Monday, 20 August 2012

Why Are These the 2 Best Beaches in Goa?

The fact that Goa is one of the biggest tourist destinations in India is general knowledge. What’s even more commonplace is that Goa is physically divided into North and South zones and each account for a sizable footfall every year. This may have to do a lot with the fact that Goa is small in the strictest sense of the world. You can cover all of it in a mere couple of days – even less if you only eye-balling all the places. Transcending the north-south Goan barrier (there’s not much of it, anyways) we have shortlisted the 2 best beaches in Goa, their USP, all the fun activities you can do while you’re there, the works. Here goes:

1- Agonda Beach, South Goa

agonda beach goa
Agonda Beach-South Goa
For one, the Agonda Beach is secluded and quiet – it offers just a little extra privacy. Not surprisingly, you’ll mostly find honeymooning couples strolling hand-in-hand, admiring the shoreline; or the odd hawker vending a seashell necklace at dirt cheap rates. Agonda Beach is said to be the best place to view the sunset in Goa. There are hardly any eateries, so it makes sense to carry a snack. Also, it is advisable not to swim too far, especially during the high tides, into the sea as there are no beachguards around. Although Agonda Beach is accessible by public transport, taking your own conveyance is advisable to avoid time constraints.

2- Anjuna Beach, North Goa

anjuna beach goa
Anjuna Beach-North Goa
It is beautiful, like Agonda Beach; and it is popular, unlike Agonda Beach. Anjuna is the ideal beach retreat for all. Hundreds of lounge chairs lined up against cresting sea waves, on-site massages, watersports such as water-scooters and parasailing, a dedicated beach protection force, vendors, an adjoining flea markets and thousands soaking in the sights and sounds of this wonderful beach. If sheer popularity was a benchmark, Anjuna would have been among the top 5 beaches of the world. Local visitors apart, the beach attracts hordes of international tourists to its crystalline waters and shimmering sands. A few regular features on the Anjuna Beach itinerary include trips to the wonderful Albuquerque Mansion, the Chapora Fort and the Mascarenhas Mansion.

Remember, Goa is NOT limited to the 2 beaches mentioned above. This blog only suggests the 2 best beaches in Goa. We would still suggest you cover all the Goan beaches if you have time – they are all wonderful.

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