Friday, 21 December 2012

Top 3 Churches in Goa for a Spiritual Stay

Goa hotel packages are the best way to go for if you are planning a vacation in Goa. A must addition in your itinerary should be the historical churches of the city. You will be able to make the most of your holidays.

A holiday in Goa is indisputably a dream vacation for every holiday maker. Every year, both local as well as foreign tourist flock this beach city of India along with their loved ones to enjoy the busy beaches of North Goa or the quite serene beaches of South Goa. Goa has something fore every kind of a travel where you can enjoy various adventure activities, great seafood, nightlife, the finest of liquor, carnivals and so on. By the way of taking up Goa hotel packages, you can enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Goa without question is that kind of a city where the party never ends. But there is another aspect also, the city has a religious side to it as well. The early morning winds of Goa carry the soothing noise of the wake-up bells of the various churches. If you are paying a visit to Goa, then you must add these colonial age churches in your itinerary.  Some Goa hotel  packages also include a visit to these very famous churches. You can actually explore another side of Goa, which is beyond the beaches. These churches are a proof that at the time of Portugese rule Goa was a religious center which lead to the construction of these cathedrals.

Although every nook and corner of Goa have churches but Old Goa boasts of a number of such churches which till date have conserved the touch of Christianity. Some of the well-known churches are:

Basillica of Bom Jesus: One of the most  popular churches in Old Goa is Basillicia of Bom Jesus, which has the residue of St. Francis Xavier, Patron Saint of Goa as well as the Apostle of the Indies. The outdoors of this triple storied church, made up of black laterite stone, is a perfect blend of of Doric, Composite and Corinthian styles of architecture. On the northern side of the wall, is also a commemorative made of gilded bronze that is dedicated to Dom Jeronimos Mascarenhas, the Captain of Cochin and the also the benefactor of the church.  

Church of Our Lady of Rosary: Built in the 16th century, the Church of Our Lady of Rosary is one of the oldest churches in  the city. It also has a strong historic significance too. Located on the very site where Alphonso de Albuquerque was the spectator of the conquest of Goa in the year 1510. This church shows a  beautiful depiction of a combination of Renaissance and Gothic architectural styles.
Chapel of St. Francis Xavier: Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is another major attraction in Goa is Chapel for the tourists. Located on the banks of River Mandovi, it is devoted to the famous saint St. Francis Xavier. It is said that the church  built Doric archived, was built  by St. Francis Xavier. The followers of this church believe in its miraculous qualities.

These are not all, there are a number of other churches too such as Church and Convent of St. Monica, Chapel of St. Catherine, Church of the Carmelites and so on. Visiting these churches can actually be a great experience.

On the internet, there are various online tour –travel companies offering Goa hotel packages which carry cost, accommodation, dining, sightseeing, and so on. You can easily make comparison and take a pick of the one that you feel is perfect for you.

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