Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Trip to Goa

On A Trip to Goa- Goa Beyond the Beaches
I simply love holidaying In Goa as this is actually a place where party never comes to an end. I have paid a visit to this one of the most sought-after holiday destinations which is amazingly well-known amongst not only the local tourists but also all around the globe. I love what it has to offer to you, the extended coastline with various kinds of adventure activities, carnivals, great booze, food, excellent flea market and the list goes on. But this time when I was on a trip to Goa, I explored Goa beyond the Beaches. 

Goa Beaches
A major portion of Goa also has forests which are home to exotic wildlife. Goa also has a number of wildlife sanctuaries which provide natural habitat for flora and fauna, where I also got a chance to explore the wilderness. After booking a room for myself and my partner  in one of the excellent hotels, we set out for our journey. 

In Goa, currently there are 6 wildlife Sanctuaries (covering 755 sq km), four of which I explored: 

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: It is located 38 kms from Margao and is actually a perfect jungle resort than being called a sanctuary. This sanctuary is quite famous amongst school children and tourist who love to be close to nature. This wildlife sanctuary has mini zoos, extensive deer park in natural habitat, botanical as well as rose gardens which are a major attraction. 

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary: This second largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa expands itself in the area of 105 sq km, its major portion includes dense forest. Thus, it is home for extensive wildlife, avian fauna as well as reptiles.
Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary covers the area of around 240 square kms wherein, the forest-clad slopes of the Western ghats along its valleys are the biggest attractions. This is one of the 3 biggest sanctuaries in Goa, rich in wildlife and a heaven for bird watchers which also has important geological and historical features. 
Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
 Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary:  Located at the western tip of the island of Chorao along river Mandovi, near Panaji, this wildlife sanctuary stretches itself in around 1.78 sq kms. It is completely covered with species that thrive in mangrove areas and is home for a large variety of local and migratory birds.

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