Thursday, 17 January 2013

Goa Trip- Your Tryst with Trance Culture

Trip to Goa is all about relaxing on beaches, indulging in water sports, exploring heritage buildings and partying at night. When it comes to party ambience and nightlife, the trance music of Goa is popular across the globe. Originated in late 1980’s, Goa trance is a form of electronic music style the incorporate elements of industrial music, EBM (Electronic Dance Music), Psychedelic rock and Indian Classical Music. Originally referred to as trance dance, the main goal of Goa trance was to support dancers while undergoing a communal state of bodily superiority. It is quite similar to the ancient shamanic dancing practices through pulsating melodies, hypnotism and rhythms.

Since its inception in 1960’s, Goa trance has come a long way and today it is more technology driven where every sound audible to human ear can be created. It allows aspiring DJ’s to blend music with spirituality and devise new tunes by stepping out of the traditional boundaries of music. Usually 8 to 12 minutes long, these trance beats tends to create a hypnotic and intense feel by gradually building energy, by using changes in beating pattern and layered synth parts. 


In the mid 1990’s, for a short period of time, Goa trance music enjoyed huge commercial success with the help of DJ’s, who went on to adopt a unique style of trance outside the state. The scenario quickly changed and most of the elements of trance were incorporated into the pop culture. However there are some DJ’s such as Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom and Section X are creating progressive tracks in its true form. 

Goa trance parties have an exotic visual appeal- people wear fluorescent painted  clothes, the decorative elements are a combination of different religions, aliens, Shamanism, mushrooms and  technology. Like any music genre, new developments and evolution take place in  trance music as well. It is definitely a worth trying experience during the Goa trip. 


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