Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top 5 Tourist Hotspots in Goa You Have to Visit

1     1-      Fort Aguada
A former Portuguese guard post with its own lighthouse, a prison during the Salazar administration and now the most popular tourist place in Goa – Fort Aguada in Goa has played several roles with aplomb. Built in 1612 by the Portuguese settlers, the Fort area has now been developed as a five star resort by Goa tourism. The fort is so large that it envelops the entire peninsula at the south west tip of Bardez.
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      2-  Saturday Night Bazaar
The Saturday Night Bazaar is held in Arpora and on Saturday evenings from 6pm until late night. A true collector’s delight, this happening flea market is where one may find archetypical Indian stalls selling teas, spices, Kashmiri carpets and junk jewelry. Even international designers participate with their stalls and sell their creations, many of which are sold exclusively here. 

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1        3- St. Cathedral Church
This 16th century church was built to commemorate the Portuguese victory over a Muslim army. Initially, the church had 2 towers, one of which collapsed within the first hundred years of its construction and was never rebuilt. The tower’s Golden Bell is a special favorite with tourists. Antique paintings adorn the walls and ceilings of the Church.

1      4- Tito’s Club
Tito’s Club at the Baga beach entertains large frenzied crowds with foot tapping Bollywood and international music. A massive floor area and an exclusive, private area on the first floor pull customers by the dozen. People here are always chilled out – watching others dance or starting a party of their own. The club has a Couples only policy.

5-    Chances Casino and Club

Chances Casino and Club is a land based casino which offers “traditional gambling in a luxurious environment”. The Casino’s Pan Asian restaurant is quite a hit with tourists as well. Do sneak a peek into the VIP dining room. There’s live music every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

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