Thursday, 14 March 2013

Here’s Some Money Saving Tips for Backpackers in Goa Trip

Backpacking, an economic traveling concept, is fast gaining popularity across the globe. It is quite popular with students and budget tourists traveling on a shoe-string budget. Goa, located in the western parts of India, is too inviting a sizeable chunk of backpackers throughout the year. The salubrious climate, hospitable people and laid back ambience is conducive for the tourists. Here are a few money saving tips for backpackers during their trip to Goa.
Breathe the economic air in Goa 

Accommodation (Lodges, budget hotels and Homestays) 

Backpackers do not seek lavish accommodation. When it comes to the accommodation needs of backpackers, Goa has a lot of options in store. Besides a large number of budget hotels, Goa has many village cottages and Homestays that are rented by the locals at reasonably low rates. Apart from saving money, you’ll get to experience local traditions and ways of living life. 

Eat at Beach Shacks, Avoid Restaurants 

During your trip to Goa, if you are looking forward to get entertainment over relaxation, you won’t need to look anywhere else other than beach shacks. At a very cheap price, these beach shacks let you savor authentic Goan delicacies. Being a coastal area, Goa offers a scrumptious variety of seafood delicacies. So if you love non-vegetarian food, Goa is an absolute haven for you. Moreover, if you are staying in Homestays, you’ll get authentic Goan home-made food included in the rental price. 

Bargain While Shopping 

The flea markets of Goa are quite popular with local and international tourist alike. The most popular names in the list include the Wednesday Market of Anjuna Beach and Ingo’s Saturday Night market of Arpora Beach. Always make it a point to bargain in these flea markets. Compare the price tags of different vendors and then make the last choice. Don’t spend anything on clothing. 

Beware of Touts and Follows Rules 

Goa has never been in the news for major safety issues. However, a few stray incidents may make you think twice, but Goa, at large, is a quite a safe destination for tourists and backpackers. Though the people of Goa are quite helpful and friendly, it is advisable not to trust anyone with cash or belongings is not a wise thing. Also, you should never entertain touts trying to fool you with unnecessary offers. Do not try anything out of the box, adhere to the safety guidelines and always use your common sense.

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