Monday, 4 March 2013

Some Useful Tips for Solo Traveler in Goa

It is needless to mention that Goa has topped the popularity charts as a cosmopolitan destination. From being a hippy idyll in the early 60’s to the beach capital of India, this tiny Indian state has come a long way. There is always a perception that  Goa trip can be enjoyed only if you are in a group of 7 to 8 people. This is the reason why most people are apprehensive visiting Goa on their own. 

But there is a section of tourists who loves traveling alone and I’m one of them. This post will include some first hand tips for a solo traveler(male and female) in Goa. Read on….

Check thoroughly about the Goa hotels 
If you are a first time traveler to Goa, check thoroughly about the hotels and beachfront properties on the internet. Read reviews, suggestions and tips on the travel forums (such as the trip advisor). A good research will help you find a good hotel in a great location. 

Advance Planning is Required 

Advance planning is quite important if you are a first time traveler, especially solo traveler. It is important for you to determine what has to be carried or what does not have to be carried along. If you’ll think smartly , a safe and secure vacation to Goa is guaranteed. Before embarking on a Goa trip, it is important to ensure that you carry just enough cash. Carrying a lot of cash can be  a risky affair. Handbags carrying important essentials must be tucked under the arm while front pockets must be used for carrying cash. Use artificial jewelry while traveling and staying at the beachfront properties. All the travel documents must be in order along with the attested photocopies. 
Fort Aguada Goa

 Don’t Disclose Personal Information and accompany the guide 

Always ask for a reliable and trustworthy guide from your hotel’s travel desk. Keep your hotel authorities informed about your whereabouts at the time of sightseeing. Never disclose personal information to unknown and strangers and be alert all the time. 

Dress Appropriately and Conservatively 

The best way to get unnoticed in the public places and beach areas is wearing denims, jeans and T-shirts. Dressing conservatively and appropriately will prevent you from unwarranted attention and unnecessary harassments. 
Palolem beach Goa

All the above mentioned four tips are a result of a personal Goa travel experience. Do consider them in your online research for Goa vacations.

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