Saturday, 29 June 2013

5 Major Reasons That Make Goa Must-Visiting During Summer

When you plan to spend your summer vacation in Goa, the activities in which you may get indulge in are: visit beaches, sightseeing tour, enjoy adventurous water sports, be a part of amazing nightlife, taste delectable Goan delicacies, and leisure time at your hotel.

But, think again. Is this just enough to make your summer a pleasant and memorable one? Do keep in mind, Goa is hot and very humid during summer. Don’t get disheartened, here are the top 5 reasons that will not only encourage you to chose Goa as your destination but also help you to enjoy the best summer vacation in Goa.

REASON #1: Super Economical
If you ask me, this is one of the major factors that compel me to choose Goa as the destination for summer vacations. Here, during summers, ranging from flight tickets, to hotel bookings, sightseeing tours, delicious food, and shopping is very inexpensive. There also are lucrative deals and discounts available during summer. You may enjoy parties, sightseeing tours, visit beaches, etc., all at highly reduced price.

REASON #2: Shopping Extravaganza
Now this is something I die for. The shopping in Goa is simply amazing. There are markets near beaches and also in the town. The commodities available there have a unique Goan flavor and as per my experience, you are going to get confused when it comes to choosing one between two articles. Arguments and bargaining are simply not the thing during summer. All the commodities itself are available at bargain prices. 

REASON #3: More Fun, More Solitude
Well, during the summer season there is relatively less number of tourists, thus, you could enjoy the serenity of the place and also have ultimate fun. You will not find the bustling crowd during summer and thus, also enjoy sightseeing tour at its best. Secluded beaches are just perfect for the sight of dawn and dusk.

REASON #4: Parasailing
How could you miss this? Goa in summer is just the perfect destination to enjoy the adventure of parasailing. You may also participate in some of the amazing water sports in Goa. Due to the summer, the prices are very low and thus, this makes Goa the best destination to have fun in spite of the scorching sun.

REASON #5: Camera’s Day Out
Last but not the least, as the streets and the places of interests are not crowded, you can get some of the perfect pictures clicked that you could further cherish. You will have ample of time to decide your location and pose for the perfect picture.

So, what do you have to say now for the idea of summer vacation in Goa? The things to do in Goa are only possible during summer as you can cherish every moment and that too at unbelievable prices. In case you have been looking for summer discounts on Goa tour packages.

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