Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Survival 101 for the Single Woman Traveling Alone in Goa

When touring Goa, there are some ground rules every solo woman traveler should keep in mind. With time, things have changed for  the better in the Indian society. In contemporary times, the modern Indian woman can now shed her inhibitions and can mostly travel solo without making much of a hue and cry. When in Goa, travelling solo for a female traveler is an art - a thrilling experience. However, the solo woman traveler still needs to take care of certain things before she starts her journey by herself in the uncertain lands of the subcontinent.
There’s one and only one tip I have for every solo woman traveler to Goa - Do not, for the  love of Goa, cut back on your budget. When looking for hotels in Goa, local places to visit, booking inter- and intrastate travel etc. Do not ever make comparisons with your male friends who have told you fabulous stories of hitchhiking the Mumbai-Goa highway. This is because your guy friends would have easily got away, a woman is a lot more frowned upon in the same situation.Your male pal can also sleep in the open, answer nature’s calls in the open, roam about after midnight and bunk in overcrowded buses and third class train lodges. That, sadly, is not the adventure I would suggest you look out for. So spend a little extra and book with only a registered tour operator. Besides safeguarding you against scrupulous vendors, booking only the best holiday packages for Goa would ensure you stay relaxed for the entire Goa trip. Lastly, hire only a well-established tour operator (like GoaTrip, of course!), even if you have to shell out a little extra, because there is always a sense of security with names. Just stay alert and you should have a blast in Goa.

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