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How to Stay Alert and Safe When Traveling to Goa the First Time

There is no trip that is ever perfect. There are numerous little things that make a trip memorable and cherished for lifelong. There are numerous places to visit in Goa. Thus, to make the best of it, book hotels in Goa online and avoid all last minute hassles. So, here are a few simple tips that you could bring into practice and make your vacation in Goa memorable and pleasant.

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1. Always carry your travel credentials and money along with you, wrapped in plastic that would prevent Money from damage. Carrying traveler’s cheques is one of the safest ways to carry money along. This is also negotiable at most of the places. ATMs are also the safest way out instead of carrying huge cash in hand. In Panjim, there are numerous ATMs at different locations that can access maximum cards.

2. The peak tourist season in Goa is between October and January. It is a time when Goa is crammed full, more cheerful than any other instance of the year. The hours of daylight temperatures are moderately not too hot and the nights are pleasing. It is also less moist than the rest of the year.

3. Do not give attention to more of the well-known beaches such as Baga and Calangute. Goa has a number of relatively less busy beaches which will give you more space to yourself and even more content. Apart from this, there are many other fascinating places to visit in and around Goa.

4. If you wish to travel on the train, don't leave your baggage and bags unattended. The best way is to snip them with a chain and attach them to the seat. This will prevent your baggage from thieves.

5. Do not accept eatables from unknowns. As the food items offered may lull you into deep sleep and providing opportunity to the strangers to take away all your belongings.

6. In terms of cuisines, the list is not just restricted to Goan cuisine; there are varieties of cuisines available that include Indonesian, Continental, Tibetan, Mexican, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. Do not miss to taste fresh and sumptuous seafood.

7. If beggars approach you, do not encourage them by handing out some money to them.

8. Please Make sure that you do not get involved in any transaction of drugs as trading of drugs in Goa is totally illegal. If you get caught in any such illegal activity, then Goa will gift you an imprisonment in jail for 10 years and a fine of Rs. 10,000.

9. Even if you have a thing for artifacts, make sure you don’t buy artifacts made from the bodies of endangered animals from any shop or roadside seller as these commodities are strictly banned in Goa.
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