Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rupee Free Fall All Set to Lure Foreign Tourists in India

Where on one side the falling rupee is seen as a problem by most, it is going to turn out as a blessing in disguise for the tourism industry of India in concern with the inflow of foreign traffic. Every year an estimate of 6.5 million foreign tourists visit India. This huge traffic comprises of travelers from Bangkok, USA, Myanmar, Europe, Vietnam and Middle East etc. If the Indian Association of Tour Operators comprising of more than 1600 members is to believed the tourism in India is going seen a hike of at least 25%. The present situation in India might not be best from several angles but its surely going to benefit the tourism industry in large. Starting from September and continuing till March is the key tourism period of India. During this period about 60% of the total foreign traffic visits India. 
rs vs dollar
 The freefall of rupee has already started affecting the tourism industry since the foreign travelers have started extending their stay in the country as they can now buy things at a lot cheaper rate. On 23 August Indian currency rupee, fall to an all time low of 61.10 and presently it has settled to as low as 68.8. 

The depreciating value of the rupee in comparison to the other foreign currency has no doubt created dark clouds over the outbound travel sector. But the wonderful side effect of the same has brought India as a travel destination into limelight as the tour packages now are more affordable for foreign tourist which can be seen as a striking silver lining out breaking from the same dark clouds.  

The luxury hoteliers are rumbling the same trumpet, but it is to be noted that of the leisure sector will be showing an upward movement, as Business travel doesn’t happen out of Impulse. The leading tour operators have started seeing a rise in inquiries from Europe, Russia and Britain as the travelers from these countries want to exploit and take advantage of the rupee breaching 100 against the pound.  The news is now being equally rejoiced by domestic travelers as they can enjoy an enchanting trip within the country by spending less of their hard earned fortune. 
 beach holiday in goa
The most popular tourist destinations of Goa, Jaipur, Kerala and Agra stand to benefit the most from the surge in domestic and foreign tourism. Goa tourism is very much popular with the foreign travelers for its beautiful and serene beaches. In present times when the value of rupee is constantly depreciating the luxury hotels in Goa are wooing the travelers withgreat discount deals. This strategy is being put to work to promote Goa Tourism. The leading tour operators have gone further by designing itineraries and packages which are affordable and allow one to explore all the prime attraction present in Goa at the same time.  

Seeking to the trends it is most likely that as the tourist season reaches its peak the leading hotels and tour operators come up with attractive discount packages. 

With the dramatic free fall of rupee traveling to India has become a lot cheaper since the same things which use to cost you somewhere around 10 pounds will now be a available to you at much lesser price. So don’t wait just bag your bag and baggage to explore ultimate India at a luring price. 

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